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Many news bits, new event info and fun banter.  Join in as Diggs, Lucien and Moose takle the toughest questions like what drinks are best.   Radian and DX8 new info, not all wonderful.  Since SEFF has moved back to it's time slot, the attf flyin will not occur.  However that means we all will be at SEFF.  Hear more.


SEFF will be in the SPRING?? Post 246
ATTF All Electric event postponed indefinitely
Radian Pro to be released in November
Radian Pro brings new AR600 Spektrum RX
DX8 has a bug, and a quick fix!
Another DX8 software issue and workaround video
Hitec Sensor Station - 1st release for Nitro, Electric coming?
Higher Plane Productions has Fly For Tots coverage on Fligthpass
3DHS Biplane?!?
Hodges Hobbies All Electric Fly-In V5 - Pics and video
Hodges All Electric videos by Bildo
Turbine F-15 I saw today in Youngstown
Parkzone Radian Pro Pre-order
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