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Lucien is back from the AMA show, news, events and we answer some quick power system corner questions.   Keep those coming, we will get to you!  Discussion about the Muliplex Merlin and Diggs brings home a Radian!  You can ask your questions over voice mail!  206-337-7684

ATTF exclusive -
 Andrew Jesky Takes RC to a HigherPlane Trailer release
 Expect the DVD to be Available at the E-Fest on Jan 30.

E-flite UM 4-site is in stores finally!
Leadfeather makes an autogyro
Airland Hobbies is out of biz, but for sale.
Watched Fred maiden the new Gernot Yak 55
Cularis is pretty sweet
Radian continues to amaze me
Aurora 9 performed great, feels smooth.

Event Schedule
SEFF 2010 - April 22-25 in Americus, GA
The Toledo Show - ETOC April 9th and 10th 2010
E-Fest January 30 & 31, 2010 • Champaign, Il
Arizona Electric Festival January 28th thru 31th 2010 Mesa,AZ
BARK's Swap meet in Burlington NC January 23

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