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We get a chance to kick back, chill and talk about RC.  Just like that one night around the camp fire where that dude fell into the fire and... nevermind.    Lucien is back with us and kicks out 3 PSC from YOU (the listener).  Also we get to hear about how to hack LEDs into a transmitter for night-flying goodyness.  Find out how the Aurora9 is hanging as well as Cylon builds. 


Midgett Mustang

Flying on Sunday
Parkzone Habu

Hitec Aurora 9

Ritewing Demon Lite

Multiplex Cularis

Midwest foam Edge 540

Flight of the Cluver V

SEFF 2010 April 22-25

Cops go RC

Lights inside my 9303
RCG nightflying pics thread
Cylon Raider thread


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