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Join in the discussion about super bright ritewings, shiny scorpions and the jar!  Chris K (CK) from attends this episode to talk about what's going on with RiteWings, Lucien has more info for Scorpion in-runners.  Your PSC questions, giveaways and a new sponsor for the Tip of the Week segment!  Crazy dreams are among us.

Hot new Scorpion Inrunners   
HPP DVD goes Blu-ray!   
AJ takes RC to a Higher Plane Vol 2 production begins.   
EF Expo at U of Phoenix March 12-14  
SEFF 2010 – April 22-25 In Americus, GA 
Radian #5 purchased for Night Flying only   
ScrtSqrl has a low budget airspeed indicator.  
RC Superhero Video
Ritewing RC  
Adams hot IYF night flyer   
Virginia's Pre Spring Fling Indoor Fly-In   
Higher Plane Productions sponsors Tip of the week. Free Flightpass for 30 days


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