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Great ending for a great year.  In this episode the attf crew get the flitetest gang on to talk about what they do.  Meet the flitetest members and hear what they have to say.  Also we do some news, banter and your Power System Corner questions by Innov8tiveDesigns.   Tune in!


FliteTest.  hosts Josh, Josh and Chad
moose’s C-160 EP build log
Nachoscheese is releasing RealFlight models
Nachoscheese ATTF coupon ATTFNachos
Hitec releasing the Optima 6 Lite
“SIG” Senior clones are back in stock at Nitroplanes
attf swag giveaway
2.4 Radio Clinic DVD From Radio Carbon Art
Battery Meter
Indoor Fly-in Dec 30 Wendell NC



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