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It has been a wonderful four years in the making and cultivating of attf.  I have had so much
fun doing what I love, meeting new people and visiting with friends once a week to basically
BS about my favorite hobby.  attf/IH has grown to be the worlds largest RC podcast in existence and without a great team, we could not have accomplished this.

For me, my hobbies have changed over the past year.  I find myself wanting to do my new found love which is riding bikes.  Not the peddle kind.  That and my oldest son is getting to that age to where I can take him fishing and other boy things.  Having me on attf is no longer
a benefit, but I feel only a hindrance to the show since my passion isn't RC any longer.
You, the listener deserves hosts that are passionate about what your passionate about.

Moose, Daniel and Lucien are all very talented RC hobbyist who are passionate about RC, 
can take the attf helm and bring you a quality RC radio show that you as a listener 

I want to thank all the wonderful listeners.. so much for all the great feedback and putting
up with me over the years.  You all have been very supportive.  I'd also like to thank the
great vendors in this hobby.  The vendors who have worked with attf in the past have
bent over backwards (in some cases ;) ) to support us and give us items to give our listeners.
I could not ask for anything better. 

With that, I believe attf can only get better as these hosts take the show to greater levels
and maybe new things that attf hasn't done before.

I may start another project down the road, it's in my blood.  But speaking of road..

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